Founded in 2011 by Daniel Mihalcea and Andrei Turenici, Daniel&Andrew lies at a crossroads between a business consultancy and a design studio, with a high focus on market analysis, trends and cultural environment.

Daniel&Andrew is based on a friendship for over a decade. Besides being friends, Daniel and Andrew have a common professional background in an associated field, web design and programming. Starting from this background, we decided to extend our knowledge and expertise in graphic design and later in brand consultancy.

Ever since our web designing days, we have always had an inclination to develop memorable experiences for the viewers, with a distinctive feel and design.

Design must be one step forward, opening people’s minds and leading them on new paths. In order to achieve this, we let intuition play an important role in the process, because market and consumer research is not enough to discover the new trends.

Our philosophy is that design must be clear and simple so that the companies’ values and message can easily get through to the consumer.

We are always searching for new ways to improve our work, in order to deliver high quality services that will bring competitive advantage to our clients. We help businesses define their identity and purpose in this fast moving world where consumer habits are rapidly changing.

Daniel & Andrew case approach

Our case approach is generally similar to other studios and agencies. What we mean by this is that you will not read here about the quality of our work and the basic principles that guide us, because these things should be the default characteristic for every studio. We will let our work speak for itself.

The first step in any project is to understand the audience and the organization. In order to do that, we audit the client to gather information about his values and mission statements that guide him and his business. We then analyse the client’s visual and verbal image (if he already has one), the competition and the people involved with the brand. After that, we develop a solution for the problem that resulted from the analysis and according to the objectives set by the client.

Very often, depending on the type of project, we call in architects and interior designers. They bring their expertise and a retail design experience, collaborating with us in building interaction with the audience and creating engaging memorable environments. We also involve web developers to express the brand in the digital environment.

What we do

Verbal and visual identity
Brand consulting – strategy, evaluation, naming systems, slogans, tag lines and mission statements, communication strategies, customers/consumer, weakness and threats analytics
Digital and interactive experiences
Brand touch points
Motion graphics
Verbal and visual communication – copywriting, packaging, retail experience
Signage and environmental graphics
Communication strategy and platform
Corporate and brand name
Brand applications
Printed material design
Brand engagement

our designers having a beer after work

painting by Marius Leonte