Client: Charme
Year: 2011 - present
Industry: Travel and Hospitality
Services: Rebranding, visual identity, copywriting, poster design and menu design

Restaurant and lounge bar located in the historical center of Bucharest

On a crowded street in the historical center of Bucharest, you can find Charme – one of the oldest restaurants in the area. In 2011, on their 5th anniversary, they came to us wanting to revitalize their brand.

Revitalizing the brand meant designing a new modern identity and visual image that would make Charme keep up with the growing number of new places to eat in the area.

We started the project by auditing the management and the employees, who gave us a close understanding of the issues and helped us find the right solution. At the same time, we analyzed the competition to capture their strengths and weaknesses and figure out how this influenced the rebranding process.

We wanted to capture the brand idea which was a nice sophisticated restaurant with a modern touch in the most vibrant place in Bucharest.

Since the rebranding came at a special moment – their 5 year anniversary, we wanted to mark this moment with a minimalistic symbol. So, our design team created this elegant symbol from the letter A, which stands for the stability and durability of Charme.

Our work with Charme includes designing and implementing the corporate communication materials to website copy, verbal identity and other.

Since 2011, we have been working closely with the restaurant’s management to maintain the core idea of the brand in all the collateral communication and visual materials.

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Menu cover design Private logos for various events and occasions hosted by the restaurant. Poster design with the occasion of the international Food Day. Charme associated their name with Ovidiu Association in a charity cause to raise money for a better future for the children the association has in care. Poster design for a sequence of events held at Charme that carried the customer in a taste adventure through various countries and regions.