Client: Cvartet Capriccio
Year: 2013
Industry: Entertainment
Services: Visual identity

Classical and contemporary music quartet

It is always a pleasure for Daniel&Andrew to assist and help cultural organizations in developing competitive advantage through design.

Four girls, members of a classical and contemporary music quartet, came to our studio for a new and sophisticated visual identity.

Capriccio quartet was founded in 2003 and its repertoire developed over the years, as the interest for quality live music grew in Romania.

The girls wanted to stand out through their unique personality and repertoire so they needed a new identity that expressed this but that also vibrated casually and friendly with their fans.

One of the challenges was to represent all four personalities under one logo, so we used a single element that expresses the feminine caprice.The whimsical element in this identity is the letter “r” for which we used a different font and orientation to emphasize whim.

The new logo created by Daniel&Andrew has a feminine but in the same time powerful tone, which inspires a confident personality.

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