Client: Frint
Year: 2014
Industry: Consumer services (distribution)
Services: Visual identity

Liquor and Soft Drinks Distribution Company

Frint is a distribution company which distributes new drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic - in Romania.

They came to us for a new visual identity which would express their values and goal for the company on the distribution market.

After analyzing the competition, we realized that the existing distribution firms had an old look and feel. This led us to the conclusion that the attributes Frint needed in order to stand out from the competition were sharpness and straight forwardness.

We captured these attributes in an intuitive mark, developing an identity with a simple and durable symbol which represents evolution and forward thinking. This identity will help the brand communicate and create relationships with consumers and other companies on the market.

Daniel&Andrew also designed the website and set the guidelines for the communication materials.

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