Client: Golazo Sports Bar
Year: 2012
Industry: Travel and Hospitality
Services: Brand strategy, naming, visual identity and communication materials

Sports bar located in the historical center of Bucharest

Football has become more than just a sport; it is a social phenomenon that has more and more followers and fans each year.

You start checking out teams to associate with them and discover they have become brands with complex visual identities.

We were hired to develop the brand strategy, name and visual identity for a new sports bar located in the historical center of Bucharest.

The name we came up with – Golazo – is a world-renowned slang for an awesome goal and we wanted to associate the bar with the most beautiful place you ever seen.

The inspiration for the logo also came from football. We designed the name and mark in a green football field frame and left only one goal which can also be seen as a pint of beer.

We emphasized the strong personality of the logo by making red and yellow referee cards to be handed out on the street, inviting consumers in the pub.

We designed the visual identity, including logo animation used for engaging the employees and consumers and all the others communication collaterals.

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