Client: Iaki hotel
Year: 2012
Industry: Consumer services
Services: Visual identity

Spa, wellness and beauty facility

In order to maintain their hotel facilities at a high level in a crowded area of hotels and accommodation facilities, IAKI Hotel decided to extend their services with a wellness and spa center.

Iaki hotel commissioned Daniel & Andrew to develop the visual identity for their new SPA facility.

The center is located in the hotel and it welcomes not only hotel guests, but anyone who wants a five star spa treatment.

The logo and the communication system that we created guided the staff in the right direction regarding the personality and standard that the management hoped to obtain.

For this project we customized the font used to write “SPA”, which relaxes and also gives the sense of exclusive services and professionalism. It creates a perfect balance between emotions and it is in tone with the values of the facility - harmony and calmness.

The color turquoise symbolizes calm and inspires the recharging of the spirit with energy. It brings positive thoughts and clarity to the communication system.

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