Client: Instalart
Year: 2012
Industry: Non-profit
Services: Visual identity and brand consultancy

Cultural NGO that aims to support Romanian design and sculpture projects

In 2012, sculptor Marius Leonte founded Instalart, a cultural NGO with the mission to promote modern and contemporary Romanian visual art from the fields of object design, sculpture and land art.

The simple name, the clear direction and the fact that NGOs work closely with the public and private sectors, led us to the logical solution of creating a true and simple visual identity, in a straightforward manner that encapsulates them all.

Therefore, we put the type into a square, a symbol of stability and balance and in our case the representation of the fact that every program has a beginning and an end.

The space below the name is deliberately left blank because, depending on the occasion, the NGO can attach one of the three directions of the project - object design, sculpture and land art.

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