Client: ARCHÉ Association (Monumente Uitate)
Year: 2012
Industry: Non-profit
Services: Rebranding, brand strategy, visual identity, website design and development

Cultural NGO

ARCHÉ Association is an active cultural NGO, their core project being Monumente Uitate, which has the mission to create an archive with all the Romanian castles and other historical monuments.

In the beginning, this was a student project and the identity and communication were poor and did not express what the project truly stood for.

As the Monumente Uitate project evolved, its identity didn’t represent its values and direction anymore. Thus, in 2012, ARCHÉ Association involved Daniel&Andrew in a rebranding process for Monumente Uitate.

The solution that we came up with was not only a logo, but a brand architecture to unite all three regions (Transilvania, Banat and Moldova) that where documented under the same brand umbrella.

In order to increase the impact on society and to attract and keep the partners engaged, the logo and the name must create a symbol of trust. The project must therefore have a visual identity that capitalizes its value and coagulates the communication system regarding messages, colors, images and logos.

We chose to frame the project’s name in a square because we believe it stands for stability. It also stands for the earth, the soil on which all of the historical monuments are grounded and which also represents one of the core values and assets of the Romanian people. The black color of the font was chosen to underline the fact that the historical monuments are being forgotten.

We made a word game from the project’s name which is “Monumente Uitate” (Forgotten Monuments). If you bold the “mo” and “mente” from monumente, you get “moments”, so our intention was to underline that the project’s goal was to put the monuments back into people’s sight and the community’s interest and preoccupation.

Daniel & Andrew have been working for two years now on this project and watched it develop into a landmark of Romanian historical monuments archiving and research.

Apart from the brand strategy and visual identity, Daniel & Andrew also designed and programmed the website, designed the poster of the launching event, the monument file and brochure.

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Poster design for the event that marked the new visual identity of Monumente Uitate. Brochure design for the Moldova and Banat monuments.