Client: MTC
Year: 2013
Industry: Construction
Services: Corporate identity and brand strategy

Construction Consultancy Company

MTC is a Romanian based company with Spanish shareholders and management, activating in the field of technical consultancy and industrial constructions.

Daniel&Andrew was hired by MTC to create a strong and competitive identity that would express the ambitions of the company on the construction market.

After talking with the CEO of the company about his values and what drives him through life and business, we found out that he has a passion for bonsai trees.

Furthermore, our analysis revealed that this company is based on balance, simplicity and legacy.

Starting from this, we proposed “Building a legacy for future generations” as a positioning statement for the company which creates a connection and brings stability between generations. This statement captures the essence of the brand in one sentence.

The visual identity is built around the bonsai tree, in a minimalist approach, and is meant to become a trusted symbol that will inspire the organization. It also shows that MTC is a trusted company on the market.

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