Client: MUS
Year: 2014
Industry: Fashion & Luxury
Services: Visual identity

Multibrand clothing concept store (Men’s Urban Sin)

In the unconventional and premium apparel market, the situation is a little bit uncertain because of the scattered boutiques and the lack of vision of the players on the market.

At the beginning of 2014, a group of young people with an entrepreneurial spirit hired Daniel&Andrew for design consultancy in order to develop a fresh visual identity for a new clothes store called MUS (Men’s Urban Sin) which imports unconventional premium brands.

Because of the short and straight forward name, the font of the letters had to also be bold and express a very strong and rugged brand personality. The logo which resulted has a stylish and modern look that encapsulates the brand story and the ambition of the owners.

In addition to designing the font of the brand name, we also designed the clothes bags for MUS and a catalogue. The bags have the potential to become the brand icon, as they create a special bond with the shopper that lasts after the purchasing of the clothes.

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