Client: Nou9
Year: 2012
Industry: Entertainment
Services: Visual identity and poster design

Unconventional cultural venue dedicated to social events

Bucharest is a vibrant city but it lacks cultural spaces, so a group of young entrepreneurs decided to take advantage of this by creating an unconventional space called “Nou9”. Here, artists from various fields would exhibit their work and people could interact and create social connections over a drink.

The name is inspired on one hand from the house number and, on the other hand, from the universal number “9” (“nouă” means number 9 in Romanian) which stands for eternity and faith.

Nou9 is located in a beautiful old house in Bucharest, at 9 Aviatorilor Blvd, one of the most important boulevards in town. It has a double sidewalk with a combination of modern and old architecture houses; you can also admire important sights such as the monument of the sky heroes, an impressive statue that guards the boulevard and the Kiseleff Park.

Daniel & Andrew were hired to create the visual identity and the poster template for the events held at Nou9.

We chose to position the brand through a bold visual identity system, as a representation of a place where you can find good taste in culture, art and music.

We did this by transforming the house number 9 into a mark, by putting the diacritic from the letter “ă” on top of the number 9.

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