Client: Six Apartments
Year: 2012
Industry: Travel and Hospitality
Services: Visual identity

Hotel in Predeal, Romania

Six Apartments is a hotel located in Predeal, one of the most visited mountain resorts in Romania. As the name suggests, it has only six apartments where you can feel like home, but at the same time experience a luxurious stay.

The hotel’s target audience is young people who want to spend quality time with their friends experiencing all the attractions a mountain resort offers, all this time feeling at home in a cozy apartment.

Because of the long name, we chose a font which brings clarity and boldness, but remains readable for the audience.

The logo and visual system revolve around the number 6, which lets you know from the start that this place is exclusive, with only six rooms, and that you need to book fast.
For stationaries and communication materials, we developed a fresh color palette that makes you think of nature, sun and blue skies that wait for you in Predeal.

After one year, Six Apartments is ranked number 1 of 15 facilities on Trip Advisor and is rated with 9.4 superb grade on from all the Predeal registered properties.

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Stationary system and color palette