Client: Stejarii Country Club
Year: 2013
Industry: Consumer services
Services: Signage and environmental graphics

Sport and Health facility in Bucharest, Romania

Stejarii Country Club is a new sports and wellness facility located near Băneasa forest, outside of Bucharest. It is designed to be an oasis right outside of town, in a fresh and green area in the northern part of Bucharest. Moreover, it is also a social and business hub with networking opportunity.

Daniel&Andrew developed the environmental graphics and way findings of the facility’s underground parking.

The graphic design expresses motion and is centered on the dynamic portrayal of the sports you can practice in the facility and the motivational text messages.

The bold colors are associated with the sport scenes but also help you easily find your parking space.

The graphic design of the parking is essential because it represents the first impression the facility leaves on its clients.

In this project, we collaborated with two architecture companies, Disenate for architectural guidance, project supervision and management and Atelier for illustration and renderings.

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