Client: EMS Hotel Management (The Ark hotel)
Year: 2013
Industry: Travel and Hospitality
Services: Brand strategy, naming and visual identity

Hotel in Poiana Brasov, Romania

The Romanian based hotel group EMS Hotel Management hired Daniel&Andrew to find the best suitable name and develop the identity for the first five-star hotel in Poiana Brasov, one of the top mountain resorts in Romania.

On this project, we worked closely with the management to understand the mission, the audience and the competition. After evaluation, our insight told us to focus on the new wave of consumers and to develop an engaging hotel brand that helps you prevent losing quality time on your vacation with things that can easily be solved through technology.

The challenge was to find a name to perfectly describe the purpose of the brand and the concept we came up with, and to design a symbol that reflects the verbal identity.

So, we combined the functional purpose of a hotel, to inform, entertain and connect people with the concept of vacation and relaxation and came up with the name Ark, which is the symbol of transition in a new world, a world where there is no time. The positioning statement of the brand is “relax, enjoy and discover”. On the right, you will find the story behind the brand entitled “The dawn of the new world”.

The symbol of the logo – the circle line – symbolizes the moving earth and the crossing into a new world. By framing it in a full black square, the Ark Hotel shows a strong attitude and confidence among its competitors.

Daniel&Andrew worked with guitarist and songwriter Alexandru Luft to create the sound logo used in the presentation video.

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