Client: Vizual Art
Year: 2013
Industry: Architecture and design
Services: Visual identity

Independent design studio

Vizual Art is an independent design studio from Bucharest, founded by husband and wife – Sebastian and Wanda Barlica.

In 2013 they came to us for their new visual identity, wanting to incorporate key elements such as simplicity and vision.

The four symbols are individual icons for an acronym of the studio and the names of the owners (V(izual) A(rt) S(ebastian) W(anda)) and express the independence of it and of the artists.

Every icon has a different color in order to underline the strong personality of the designers and architects from Vizual Art. The uniting element is the square arrangement that indicates that the studio has the same vision on creative direction.

If we had to describe in few words Vizual Art, we think strong personality is the most suitable.

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